Blooms Behind Bars

Not much nature, not much nurture
A salute to the brave plants of New York

Weeds give me hope

I spent three years organizing and trying to save East River Park on my Lower East Side neighborhood from a boneheaded city flood control project–much less environmentally and soul crushingly destructive projects could have served the same purpose. We lost and I am devastated. But I see how greenery always finds a way.

weeds in the cracks in (the late great) East River Park
In 2021, autumn blooming weeds grew along the riverfront where there is barely a crack in the pavement, but water from the fish cleaning station nurtured the plants. This is in East River Park, now demolished. Someday a levee will be built here to hold back storm surges. It’s was a horrible unnecessary destruction of a wonderful park, but these weeds give me hope. They will prevail.

Visit East River Park Action website for more information.

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