Dogs, birds, people with their creatures–always entertaining

Pink Flamingoes in the New Orleans Audobon Zoo.
Flamingoes synchronize their poses at the New Orleans Audobon zoo. I joined the zoo so I could bike there every day and laugh as they all stretched their necks up high and all looked around at the same time.
Bulldog with an Elizabethan ruff, dressed for Halloween
The bulldog with an Elizabethan ruff was dressed for the Halloween parade in East River Park
Frog in the Berkshires. Kiss me.
Kiss Me
Dove in nest with two large squabs
A pair of doves built a sparse nest on our Lower East Side Terrace and raised these two squabs, 2005.
A runner with a little dog in her backpack
Lower East Side of Manhattan runner with dog riding in her backpack.
Young woman in a big flowered hat with her pet rabbit at the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue in New York City,
Adrian wears the hat and her rabbit wears a legendary name, Elizabeth Taylor, at the 2016 Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. For more fabulous 2016 Easter hats, see my post here.
  • A woman walks a pet pig on its leash.
  • A woman walks her pig in Stuyvesant Park in Manhattan past intrigued people on a park bench.
  • A woman walks her pig in Stuyvesant Park in Manhattan past intrigued people on a park bench.
A friendly pig in Mexico.
This pig was so excited to see us. All the other pigs on this family farm in Mexico had died, and this one was lonely. For me, it was love at first sight. I don’t want to think about its ultimate fate, however.
A French bulldog dressed up as Evita at the annual Halloween dog costume contest in Tompkins Square Park in the East Village of New York City, Oct. 20, 2012. For more wonderful animals, see my Flickr Album
"Trouble," a headstone in a pet cemetery in Nova Scotia

Animals in the Hereafter

Here’s a post about an enchanting pet cemetery I came across while traveling in Nova Scotia: “Buttons, Floppy and Queenie will be Sorely Missed.”

The Disgruntled Lions of Italy

Another post, this with photos of the statues who do a lion’s share of work in Italy, “Disgruntled Lions.”

Stone lion head on Salute Basilica, Venice, seemingly rolling his eyes.

More Photos


Demonstrations, protests, marches, lots of signs. Does taking to the streets make a difference? 


Interesting pictures of politicians including Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu fundraising in Brooklyn between the times he was Prime Minister, former New York City Mayors Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Edward Kennedy, former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Hillary Clinton and more. 

80 Faces

Take a scroll through a sampler of famous, infamous and other Interesting people. I took most on assignment 2008-10 in my labor union work. They include Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Sheldon Silver (politician/felon), Eliot Spitzer (politician/felon), James Hoffa Jr., Holly Hunter, Fred Armisen, Seth MeyersSteve Buscemi, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, David Paterson, Celeste Holm, LeRoy Nieman, John Stossel, Donna Lieberman (NYCLU), Randi Weingarten (AFT) and many more, all in a close-up view. 

Photos from The Chief

Newspaper about the city workers’ unions, 2003-2008–the good side of some police, firefighters, and Mayor Bloomberg.

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