Photography as advocacy.

These photos are from demonstrations, some years ago, all still dismayingly relevant today. How many times do we have to rally in the streets to maintain our rights and liberties, stop war, support immigrants, increase wages, obtain health care, dignity, equality? How often do we gather even when we can’t stop injustice but must show our outrage?

Here was advocacy by actively helping people seeking abortions

Clinic Escorts accompany abortion seekers into the clinic in New Orleans past noisy protesters (nearby but not pictured), 2019

Clinic Escorts accompanied abortion seekers into the freestanding facility in New Orleans past noisy protesters (not pictured but about a hundred feet away), 2019. After the US Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v Wade, Louisiana’s abortion ban took effect, and the clinic closed in July 2022.

Pussy Riot, the Courageous Russian Band

Members have served time in jail for their creative public performances/protests, yet they continue, most recently against the invasion of Ukraine. Here they are in Brooklyn at National Sawdust in 2017.

  • Maria Alyokhina  performed her work, Revolution, based on her band Pussy Riot's illegal concert in a Moscow church and her subsequent two years in prison.
  • Pussy Riot play/concert in 2017.
  • Pussy Riot performance
  • At National Sawdust in Brooklyn in their play/concert in 2017.
  • Because of the trouble they're in protesting the war on Ukraine, most members of the band are now in Lithuania.

Women keep needing to agitate

  • Women of the World sign held up in Washington Square Park.
  • Woman at workers' march downtown Manhattan wearing her Local Union 40 of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, & Reinforcing Iron Workers t-shirt.

NYC Workers’ Protests and Rallies

These photos are from jobs I had as a regular freelance photographer for labor unions in New York. The people I photographed were of modest means, often in the streets for causes beyond their daily work–for immigrant rights, for low-wages non-union workers, for better conditions for students.

  • Low Wage Christmastime rally, 2013
  • Research Foundation workers and supporters on the picket line during a rainstorm, with PSC, union for City University of New York. 2013.
  • Lobby Day in Albany for education and immigration reform, 2012.
  • 2011, rally, tax wall street, don't cut city workers
  • Labor Union rally against budget cuts in New York City 2009.
  • Times Square Union Workers Rally, 2012
  • Labor Day Parade, 2009, marchers wearing hospital gown, open in back with plastic butt showing and sign: "Private health insurance is like a hospital gown. Chances are you're not covered."
  • Prof. Barbara Katz-Rothman with CUNY contingent at a climate justice march, 2014.
labor union rally against budget cuts, New York, March 2009

This was an exciting shoot at a giant labor union rally against budget cuts in New York, March 2009. I was working for the United Federation of Teachers, and we got access to a high floor of a building on Broadway so I could take this picture of the masses of demonstrators. The crowd went on for several more blocks, but this was my favorite image because it shows best the densely packed crowd. One staffer held my calves while I leaned way out of the window to get this picture. I didn’t know her very well, and she had my life in her hands. She was steadfast and strong. Thrilling.

Black Lives Matter in My Neighborhood

In June 2020, Covid was a constant danger, and I avoided crowds, but when one of the Black Lives Matter marches started at East River Park in my Lower East Side neighborhood, I needed to join my neighbors.

  • Black Lives Matter March began in East River Park on the Lower East Side of New York.
  • Black Lives Matter march from the Lower East Side, Manhattan, Jasmin Sanchez.
  • No Freedom until we are equal and This isn't a moment, it is a movement posters, Black Lives Matter
  • Black Lives Matter signs for Breonna Taylor held by me and Amy Berkov

Earlier 21st Century Protests

Iraq War, 2003, Patriots Against the Patriot Act 2004, Occupy Wall Street, 2011.


Interesting pictures of politicians including Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu fundraising in Brooklyn between the times he was Prime Minister, former New York City Mayors Ed Koch and Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Chuck Schumer, Sen. Edward Kennedy, former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, Hillary Clinton and more.

80 Faces

Take a scroll through a sampler of famous, infamous and other Interesting people. I took most on assignment 2008-10 in my labor union work. They include Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Sheldon Silver (politician/felon), Eliot Spitzer (politician/felon), James Hoffa Jr., Holly Hunter, Fred Armisen, Seth MeyersSteve Buscemi, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, David Paterson, Celeste Holm, LeRoy Nieman, John Stossel, Donna Lieberman (NYCLU), Randi Weingarten (AFT) and many more, all in a close-up view.

Photos from The Chief

Newspaper about the city workers’ unions, 2003-2008–the good side of some police, firefighters, and Mayor Bloomberg.

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