21st Century in New York

New York Labor, elections, protests, weather, weirdness

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17) I drew a comic book about my old friend Brian, who has been sick for a long time. It’s called “Beautiful Brian.” Click here

16) Portraits of union members, people on the street, friends, and Utah, Alaska, Massachusetts from 2013-2014. Click here

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15) Steve and I explored Bathgate, an unfamous neighborhood of the Bronx, with our friend Irv Fishman, who grew up there early in the last century. And I took some uncharacteristically (for me) pretty pictures of summer up in the Berkshires. From 2013. Click here

14) In a time when labor unions were under attack, a celebration of hard-working teachers, Teamsters and other union members. From 2012. Click here

13) A sampler of New York faces including some who are well-known: Hillary Clinton, Charlie Rangel, Sheldon Silver, Eliot Spitzer, James Hoffa Jr., Holly Hunter, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Steve Buscemi, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, David Paterson, Celeste Holm, LeRoy Nieman, John Stossel, Donna Lieberman (NYCLU), Randi Weingarten (AFT). 2008-2010 Click here

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12) A portfolio of people: A Pittsburgh woman sits on her stoop with her dogs; 103-year-old Sadie Gelfand of the Lower East Side has a glint in her eye; Israeli former (and maybe future) prime minister Benjamin Netanyahuspeaks to machers in Brooklyn. Fall 2007 Click here
11) Photos of Central Park red-tailed hawk watcher Lincoln Karim, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg and New York City Police Department graduation, the moment when all the probies throw their gloves in the air. Summer 2007 Click here

10) Some good guys win, including Senator Chuck Schumer, Excerpts from Howard Zinn to stave off election despair, Subway 100th anniversary pictures, Interview with Wardell Pomeroy of Alfred Kinsey and the sex studies. Fall 2004 Click here
9) When we still had hope: “Cream Bush” from the Gay Pride Parade, John Kerry at CUNY. Summer 2004 Click here
8) The people who sell New York food, man with Virgin of Guadalupe, John Turturro, Aida Turturro, Tony Sirico, Memorial to Jodie Lane, electrocuted in front of Veniero’s as she walked her dogs. Spring 2004 Click here
7) Patriots Against the Patriot Act. People at the bus stop bundled up.Winter 2004 Click here

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6) The blackout, Pigeon stories, Bubbe Carts on Parade, Summer 2003 Click here PHOTOS IN ARCHIVE FOLDER 2003
5) Easter Parade with lots of silly hats, Spring, 2003 Click here
3) War protesting in Union Square, Adaptations with Susan Orleans, Jonathan Lethem, and Louis Begley, early Spring 2003 Click here
2) Brrrr, Ice floes on the East River, February Blizzard, Winter 2003 Click here

*1) Beginning of the Century, Fall 2002: Peas on Earth, CIA HQ, Eric Rudolph was still loose, Remembering Paul Wellstone, Pure Poultry  Click here

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