Firefighter at the annual memorial for other firefighters who perished. (Arnow photo)A firefighter, a heroic police officer, George McGovern, Caroline Kennedy, the Central Park hawk spotter, Patriots Against the Patriot Act, Sen. Chuck Schumer, and lots of New York characters and clowns.Click here to see it.

Unfamous Neighborhoods of the Bronx

Irv Fishman visits Bathgate in the Bronx, the neighborhood where he grew up in the early 20th century.

Irv Fishman grew up in the Bronx in the 1920s and '30s. One fine September day, we set out for an exploration of his old neighborhood by the Cross-Bronx Expressway. The ethnic makeup of Bathgate has changed, but the area was then and is now a gritty industrial/residential area filled with immigrant strivers. For more about Bathgate and Irv, click here.

Skyline New York 2002-2013—Falling and Rising

From thousands of stills of the view of downtown and the East River from my apartment on the Lower East Side I culled hundreds of photos to make a movie. The view is so compelling, always changing--the weather, the buildings the seasons.

Music by Joe Henderson, Sonny Rollins, Joni Mitchell (singing "Stormy Weather") and La Bruja. No copyright infringement is intended.

Women with cool grey hair exemplified by this member of the New York City Municipal Labor Union, DC 37. Photo by Pat ArnowCool Gray

Some women who wear their natural gray and white hair look great. Click here to see more.

Prize International Labor Communications Association Logo

International Labor Communications Association 2010 Labor Media First Award for a photograph, Local Unions Category

Eddie Marrero, Stella D'oro worker talks with William Thompson Jr, who was running for mayor of New York. From The Clarion. Photo by Pat Arnow

"Stella D'oro Workers Fight for Jobs" from The Clarion (Professional Staff Congress, City University of New York)

Judges’ comments: "The concern being expressed by the worker in this photo is quite serious. He has the attention of the politician, who seems to be listening intently. The photo is enriched by the banner in the background and the cameras recording what is really street-level rank-and-file lobbying at its finest."


After a press conference outside the Stella D’oro factory, longtime employee Eddie Marrero (left) urges NYC Comptroller and mayoral candidate William Thompson Jr. (right) to follow through on his promise to help the workers. Click here for the complete article from The Clarion in pdf format.

Congressman Charles Rangel and Rabbi Leib Glanz. Photo by Pat ArnowPhoto in The New York Times about an influential rabbi who arranged a bar mitzvah for the son of a rich prisoner in the Manhattan jail. Click here for the story that includes my photo of Congressman Charles Rangel greeting Leib Glanz.



Mayor Michael Bloomberg shows off his stance before the annual police/fire stickball tournament last summer. Photo by Pat ArnowPhotos from The Chief-Leader
The Civil Employees' Weekly

Mayor Michael Bloomberg shows off his batting stance at the annual police/fire stickball tournament. Click here for other photos.

The Chief-Leader online




Blooms Behind Bars, Bushes in Bondage

A salute to the brave plants of New York City

A tomato sort of grows on Grand St.  by Pat ArnowStringing up tomatoes, Grand St. Click here for more.

A Chorus Line of Ducks at Sammy's Noodles in the Village, New York, by Pat Arnow

The chorus line of ducks at Sammy's Noodles, 6th Ave. in Greenwich Village.

More New York Poultry


Elephant pooping missiles at an anti-war demonstration back before the war. Photo by Pat ArnowThe Old Home Pages

New York City in pictures and stories from 2002 to the present, from mist rising from a Lincoln Center pool to the Virgin of Guadalupe on some guy's chest on the subway. Click here for the archives.

Then there's Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Brooklyn, Senator Chuch Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and lots more big personalities.



Bob & Edna Arnow on their honeymoon in Kentucky, 1940


Edna and Bob Arnow






Tonalá dog and pastel walls, emblematic of Mexico. Photo by Pat Arnow


Slide show from a trip to Tonalá, Zacatecas, and San Blas, Mexico. To me, dogs, pastel walls, and carved out spaces for electric boxes were as embematic as the stone churches. I also loved tanks and laundry on rooftops etched against the blue blue sky.

Click here to see the whole slide show.





Krewe D'etat float, "Who Dropped It" on a giant basketball with 17th St. Canal overflowing

Mardi Gras 2006, After Katrina

A photo blog of people, floats, and neighborhoods.

It was the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina, and we went because we were in New York for 9/11 and the early visitors meant a lot.

At the parades, there were a lot of ruined refrigerator costumes and jokes at the expense of FEMA and Bush. The city retained character if not so many people or homes. Click here for the link.