Chickens of New York Photos by Pat Arnow
Chicken picture painted on the outside of neighborhood "vivero" by Pat Arnow

Painting on the front of the departed "Vivero" on Delancey St. by the Williamsburg Bridge on the Lower East Side. There's a condominium there now. Used to be a place where you could pick your live chickens and ducks, and 10 minutes later, they would be in pieces in a plastic bag.

  Chester chicken or George Bush by Pat Arnow Chester Chicken on Grand St. on the Lower East Side. “The crispy moisturized chicken.” What does it mean when your chicken sheriff carries flowers?
  Moon over chicken picture by Pat Arnow Tennessee yard art has moved to Manhattan and presides over a moonset.
  plushie chicken behind bars by Pat Arnow

Chicken on Stanton St. on the Lower East Side. “The vegans made me do it.”


“Whaddya mean jaywalking? I was just trying to get to the other side.”

Pure Poultry Part II

Adolph Green's wife, Phyllis Newman, tells of going with her songwriter husband to the movies and hearing an actor on the screen declare, “I've tasted death. Have you?” Green called out, “Yes, and it tastes like chicken.”
John Lahr in The New Yorker
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