Fine people and their work.
Some (most) of them are friends and family.


Necklace by M. Banner. MICHAEL AND MAUREEN BANNER, the best silversmiths, and I'm not just saying that because they're also my sister and brother-in-law.

Their work is featured in the Smithsonian Institution's Luce Foundation Center for American Art in Washington, D.C. On the Smithsonian's website, there's a photo of their silver teapot, a charming video of them demonstrating how they work (and a photo of them that I took).



Edna Arnow, Studio Potter, 1971. EDNA ARNOW, my mother, was a studio potter. She worked in Chicago from the 1950s through the '70s. Now her stoneware is celebrated as mid-century modern. My sister scanned some photos of the art fairs and pottery (taken by our dad, Robert Arnow), and I made a couple of web pages with them.




Harold and Harriette Arnow at home in Ann Arbor, cooking, 1972. Photo by Pat Arnow. © 2012. All rights reservedHARRIETTE AND HAROLD ARNOW, my aunt and uncle, were writers who met working on the Works Progress Administration Writer's Project in Cincinnati. They dreamed of getting through the Depression as subsistance farmers in Harriette's home area of Eastern Kentucky, writing in their spare time. What dreamers. Today, their farm by Lake Cumberland, which has come to me, is overgrown with trees, and the house has collapsed. However, most of the land, 136 acres, is now protected from mining, drilling, and development by a conservation easement held by the federal government. Here are some pictures and a bit of the history of the place. And here are photos of the region, the farm, the Arnow family and friends from the 1970s to the present.


An East Tennessee finish carpenter with a special affinity for building wonderful staircases,Staircase designed and built by carpenter Toby Wilkins. TOBY WILKINS is a careful craftsman and a great friend. He works mostly around the Southern mountains--Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia, but likes to explore, so can easily be lured to other parts of the country (even New York City) to work on restoring and recreating older styles of architectural detail and doing other projects. I made a website for him, Custom Carpentry by Toby Wilkins.


Painting of our New York kitchen (you can tell it's New York by the bagel on the counter, right? By Jennifer Miller, North Carolina painter. JENNIFER MILLER is a wonderful landscape and portrait painter in North Carolina. Also a wonderful friend.

This is a painting she did that was a departure from her plein aire work. She went to her friends' homes and chose a spot that seemed to tell something about who they were. This one is our kitchen. The bagel, tattered sponge, red kettle, that's a good portrait of who we are. But, um, what's the story with all those knives?


Watercolor from "Ancestors" series by Ann Ropp

ANN ROPP, painter. "Body of Water" series watercolor on paper. She is just so good. And a true friend in East Tennessee.





TERRY J. ALLEN is a friend and a kick-ass journalist in Vermont. She writes a column for In These Times and reports for VTDigger, among others. Really good photographer, too.

MARCELLA ARNOW, my first cousin, was born in Kentucky, reared in Michigan, and went to the London School of Economics. She lived in Brooklyn for a long time (and instilled inme an appreciation of New York). She later had a good life in Winchester, England. She died Feb. 14, 2010. Since many of her family and friends are scattered around, I put up some web pages about her funeral.

LE AND JULIAN WILLIAMS, my aunt and uncle, were unsung artists in San Francisco. Their kids had a show for them at Fort Mason in San Francisco in August 2006. I posted pictures of that show—and family and friends who attended.

LeRose Williams.

Le Williams and one of her pieces.

Work by Le Williams.

No el no el, waited 3 hours and still no el. Chicago in 1997, the In These Times days.


CHICAGOANS IN HELL This is the best Chicago joke and has everything in it I love about my home town. Oh, except the hot dogs.
Picture of Patricia Arnow by the 'el' on Sheffield Ave. Steve Giles took this when I worked in Chicago for In These Times in 1997.


Minibar in every room!


ROPPO'S BED & BREAKFAST Ann Ropp's brother runs a rogue B&B in Carthage, Ill. Check it out but don't check in. At right is the mini-bar.