There are 260,000 digital photos catalogued in my hard drives. I've had this website since 2002 and have had 17 home pages featuring pictures from Hillary Clinton to Lenny, the guy who delivers groceries from the kosher store in my Lower East Side neighborhood (press the Archives tab to see all the old home pages).

Most of my time in New York--since 2000--I've been a photographer for labor unions and The Chief newspaper, which covers city unions. Before that, I worked as an editor for socially conscious magazines In These Times, Southern Exposure, and Now & Then (about Appalachia) and for Reader's Digest. I wrote for Gotham Gazette and a neighborhood paper. Before that, I did a lot of things we won't discuss here.

This website catalogs some of that work and some newer projects. Browse through for one woman's view of the 21st Century so far.

View of Lower Manhattan with World Trade Center What we saw from our window in 2001—before Sept. 11.
View of Lower Manhattan  today What we saw from our window after that.
View of Lower Manhattan with the World Trade Center. Photo by Pat Arnow The new World Trade Center now rises to the top of the skyline.