I love Summer


Honeybees feast on a pink poppy in the Banners' garden, Massachusetts. (Pat Arnow photo)

Frog on a lily pad, Monterey, Mass. Photo by Pat Arnow

Honey bees (they're back after near-obliteration in the U.S.!) feast on a poppy in the Banner garden in the Berkshires, and a frog takes her ease on a lily pad in the pond. Mo & Mike Banner are renowned silversmiths, gardeners and my sister and brother-in-law

I love Spain

We were in an outdoor cafe, and this woman lingered at the window of the cafe across the street in Elizondo. (Photo by Pat Arnow)

On a trip through Basque country in Spain—the village of Elizondo in the beautiful Valley of Baztan—this woman lingered at the window of a cafe. For more pictures of San Sebastian and the Euskadi region, click here.

I love The Bronx

Frank's Sports Shop  was here when Irv grew up here. Frank's son, Moe Stein, 83, still runs the place. Photo by Pat Arnow

Neighbor and friend Irv Fishman grew up in the Bronx in the 1920s and '30s. One fine September day, we set out for an exploration of his old neighborhood by the Cross-Bronx Expressway. The ethnic makeup of Bathgate has changed in this gritty industrial/residential area, but a few things hadn't changed including Frank's Sports on East Tremont. Here Irv (wheelchair) talks about the neighborhood with Moe Stein, son of the original owner of Frank's, who, at 83, still runs the business. For more about Bathgate, click here.

Pink Day for breast cancer awareness at PS

The girls are dressed for a a performance on Pink Day for breast cancer awareness at PS 331, Bronx. I often take pictures for New York City's teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers, and I'm always happy when they send me to The Bronx. There I've found the most warm and engaging people in unique neighborhoods few people outside the borough know at all. That is what led to the field trip with Irv (above at Frank's Sport Shop on East Tremont).