How I learned to stop worrying about my 401K and love to bomb Iraq
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The vegetarian method.


—from the Theater for the New City Halloween Party.

Peas on Earth, Photo by Pat Arnow

And . . .
Our Spooky World
George Bush Center for Intelligence CIA, photo by Terry J. Allen
Photo by Pat Arnow
Poultry Section

A Chorus Line of Ducks, photo by Pat Arnow

The chorus line of ducks at Sammy's Noodles.
Photo by Pat Arnow
More New York Poultry
Pure Poultry
If I donít love you baby,
Grits ainít groceries,
Eggs ainít poultry,
Mona Lisa was a man.
—Titus Turner

Remembering Paul Wellstone's 'Poverty Tour'

When he visited Appalachia in 1997, he impressed people in the mountains who were generally ignored. Wellstone retraced the steps Bobby Kennedy once took. . .
from 'Poverty Tour' Takes Wellstone to Kentucky
by Pat Arnow, In These Times, 10.19.97
It's been 30 years since a senator from outside of the Appalachians came to Eastern Kentucky to listen to coal miners. And what Minnesota Democrat Paul Wellstone heard on a stop of his national "Poverty Tour" shocked him.
"I'm convinced that most people in this country--and I'm absolutely convinced that most people in Congress--think that what you're describing is something that took place 50 years ago," Wellstone told a group of eight miners and one young widow he met in Hazard, Ky. . . 
The visit with the miners was one stop on Wellstone's cross-country investigation into the living conditions of poor people. . . . Read the whole article
The most progressive Senator.
1944 - 2002. A hero.

Our So-Called Intelligence

happened to . . .

Eric Rudolph? Eric Robert Rudolph, where are you? Picture from the FBI

One of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted, the man suspected of planting a bomb during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 and at an Alabama abortion clinic in 1998, remains at large. National, state and local law enforcement canít find this homegrown English-speaking terrorist in an English-speaking land.

He was probably hiding within the boundaries of just a couple of counties in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Guess who headed up the hunt for Rudolph for more than two years? The FBI man who now heads up the Department of Justice's Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force. As if you needed another reason to worry about the competence of intelligence agencies.

P.S. Much later--So they caught him--no thanks to the FBI!

Pure Poultry, Part II

Adolph Green's wife, Phyllis Newman, tells of going with her songwriter husband to the movies and hearing an actor on the screen declare, “I've tasted death. Have you?” Green called out, “Yes, and it tastes like chicken.”
John Lahr in The New Yorker
A tomato sort of grows on Grand St.  

Not much nature, not much nurture

A salute to the brave plants of New York
Stringing up tomatoes,
Grand St.

More fabulous costumes from the Theater for the New City Halloween Party

Photos by Pat Arnow

Lea chained, Photo by Pat Arnow

Firefighters, photo by Pat Arnow
Superwonder, photo by Pat Arnow
Coffin woman, photo by Pat Arnow
Click here for dirty Halloween picture from Avenue A
Princess Lea, chained
The Road Less Traveled and Cisco, photo by Pat Arnow
The Road Less Traveled and Cisco
Bird of Paradise, photo by Pat Arnow
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